IM Business Plan or How to Monetize Your New Business Ideas


You know, I’m Swiss and I just came back from an extended visit to my family and friends. I spent nearly 2 months with them and I enjoyed this family-get-away very much.

While spending some time with Mom and Dad, we started talking about my blog here; you know this very blog through which I monetize my new business ideas. They asked me what exactly that it was I’m doing… yes, they are another generation… :-) Naturally, my parents have a different understanding of the Internet – they see it very much like my husband – as an Information resource at best – and as a collection of dreams at worst… but they somehome struggle to see how anyone could monetize new business ideas with it.

Anyway, I told them that this blog is my online businessBuilding Your Online Business vs. Making Money Online - The Difference Explained. Read more ... » and that I share my business administration knowledge with readers like you so that you and all the other readers can transform their new business ideas into successful online businesses, too.

They did understand that plan. And here is now my question to you: do you understand the added value I’m giving away for free here on my blog? I mean, I outlined every step of your online business value chainQuality Control Your Bank Account Growth. Read more ... » in my posts of the past couple of weeks so that you should be able to monetize your own new business ideas into an online business.

Have you followed my series?

I mean, your value chain is the most important process that you have to understand while implementing your new business ideas and transform them into your online business. Only if you deliver added value for your customers, you will be able to monetize your new business ideas.

I firmly believe that I deliver added value to you through giving away this free tutorial about your value chain of your online business. I offer a blueprint to implement your new business ideas.

Don’t you think so? If you like my IM Business PlanIt Takes Money to Make Money Online. Read more ... » series, then please be so kind and share it with your network, your Facebook-Followers, your Twitter-Community and + it on Google, please Smile


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