MLM Business Opportunities: A Case Study

Let’s face it: building your online business through one of those mlm business opportunities does take time, effort and dedication in order to gain financial freedom from it. So it’s important that you know a bit about your network marketing business opportunity before you join it.

This case study gives you an overview over 3 very popular network marketing business opportunities and can guide you to make a decision about which one of them you should join.

Compare those MLM Business Opportunities

3 MLM Business Opportunities in this case study

As you can see, I will compare the following 3 mlm business opportunities:

  • Ingreso Cybernetico
  • FeederMatrix
  • Global 1 Entertainment (formerly known as Infinity 2 Global)

But before we dive into those mlm business opportunities details, I would like to clarify or highlight 1 very important point: all 3 of those network marketing business opportunities are based on building teams or to put it differently, those opportunities require you to recruit people who are willing to actively promote those mlm business opportunities in order for you and them to make some money.

That’s the whole point of network marketing opportunities. There is a clear difference to normal affiliate marketing, because you need to educate your team members so that they are able to promote those opportunities. If done correctly, you can potentially secure your financial future for a very long time with 1 single promotion.

Home Business MLM Network Marketing Opportunities offer a nearly endless possibility to earn Money.

Why did I choose those 3 mlm business opportunities?

Quite obviously, I am involved in 1 of those 3 – and I am successful with it! Most of my time, I chat with people on Facebook about their opportunity and how they do. This is how we network. Many Network Marketers choose to promote their mlm business opportunity in FB groups – I’m not doing this that much any more, because it’s much easier to connect with the right people on a personal chat-basis.

But if you are involved in Network Marketing, you would know that 2 of those 3 mlm business opportunities are all over the place on Facebook; which makes them quite well-known. All 3 offer very different benefits. And that is my main reason to publish this case study.

Feeder Matrix Ingreso Cybernetico Global 1 Entertainment
Entry Costs  $1.75  Starts at $50 Starts at $250
Sign up fee  no  no $19.95 – to get your own Business Software
Monthly fee  no  $25 $25 / $50 / $75 /
Costs per Levels $5 / $10 / $20 / $40 / $80 / $160 / $320 $100 / $300 / $500 / $1500 / $3500 $250 / $750 / $1’500
Available levels  8  6 3
Upgrade required to make more money  Yes  Yes No, but each higher level offers higher earning potential
Pay upgrade charge with earnings Yes  Yes  Yes
Team members needed to make money 1 team member 6 team members Depending on your level, either 2, 4 or 6 members – the higher you enter, the sooner you make money
Limited Income Potential Limited to $99’447
Get there faster if you work more hours a day
Increase your income by working more hours a day
$10 / $150 / $350 / $900 / $1500 /$4000 max per board
Increase your income by working more hours a day
Compensation plan 4 matrix
Get paid per new team member, upgrade to next level after 4 members
6 matrix
Get paid on 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th team member, upgrade to next level after 6 members
Binary – 1 left, 1 right team member required
Get paid on business volume points that are created by you and your entire team.
Your Compensation is financed by Your downline Your downline Your downline PLUS real customers who are using the products!
Underlying products – added value Ebooks about online marketing Good quality online services for your online business, like hosting, autoresponder etc. Social Media Platform, Online entertainment products, like online casino, music & video platform, online gaming, travel agency and fantasy football PLUS more products that are not yet announced.
Early Mover Benefit / Requirements
Not really, but you want to upgrade as soon as you can to omit pass up’s of your earnings created by your downline Not really, but you want to re-invest your earnings to maximize your income of those 6 boards Not anymore – the Emperor’s licence was offered to a maximum of 5’000 people. Those licences are all taken now.
Target Market Internet Marketers Internet Marketers Internet Marketers PLUS Real normal customers who use G1Es products

My personal choice of mlm home based business opportunity: Global 1 Entertainment.

Now you know the main differences of those 3 mlm business opportunities. For me, it’s all about the added-value products that are offered in exchange of becoming a distributor for either one of those mlm business opportunities.

Let’s face it, you can buy nearly endless amounts of ebooks on how to run an online business; you don’t need to become a distributor for that. There are also many services on offer for hosting and autoresponders; so the main question here (at least for me…) is ‘do I really need to pay that much money to get those services?’

At the end of the day, my mlm home based business opportunity of choice – Global 1 Entertainment – does not only target other Internet or Network Marketers; this opportunity is so unique that its CEO choose the Network Marketing Model to spread the word to normal people who do want to use online entertainment services.

This makes G1E one of the top mlm business opportunities out there at the  moment – at least to me! Why? Because G1E will have more customers in time (who will use the underlying products) than Network Marketer (who ‘only’ act as the distributor network). And this again means that every compensation paid is not solely financed by the acquired downline, but by the sales of real online entertainment products to real people!

Sustainability of those 3 mlm business opportunities

Sustainability is a very important factor that you have to understand before you get involved in either one of all those mlm business opportunities currently available on the market. Here, the main question to ask is ‘how is the payout financed?’.

Just imagine: what happens if you can’t find any more team members? will your compensation stop? Depending on the compensation plan, the answer is either yes or no. And I personally would like to be reassured that I will still get compensated if no directly sponsored team member joins my team.

Make no mistake: neither of those 3 mlm business opportunities in this case study will produce any results without a strong commitment! Your business home mlm opportunity work commitment must be persistent and done regularly for at least 6 months if you want to create yourself the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

At the end of the day, you need to pick from all those mlm business opportunities the one that suits your vision and your budget.

If you are interested in learning more about G1E, then I invite you to check out the details of what we have to offer.

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