How Do You Structure Your Happiness?

We are all so busy working our job, earn the money we need to finance our lifestyles, we try our best to stay healthy, have some fun, we love our family and we want the best for them. What do you do to grow – learn new things and apply them? And do you involve yourself in your community or donate some things to charity?

Those 7 areas in this pie-chart above: we all more or less consciously work through them, try to improve and change them.

Those 7 areas make up our Happiness! They build the holistic view of your life – accept it or not… it’s the truth!

I believe true Happiness can only come to you if you succeed in reaching a level of satisfaction in all of them.

It’s quite a claim – I know :-) So you might now ask yourself how you go about that. Well – that’s an interesting question – and I did and continue to do my very best to offer you answers, suggestions and inspiration to exactly this question.

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My entire website is about happiness – how to create and keep it. This also means that my articles and videos are constantly re-worked, some replaced and some new ones are added – so make sure you visit my Happiness-Page regularly :-)