Create Your New Lifestyle Through Passive Income Streams


So the main reason why so many people start trying to create a passive income but fail to reach this goal is an emotion – it’s fear!

It’s the fear of not being able to impress family and friends with this goal to earn an online income; fear of not knowing how to earn money online; it’s fear that will hold you back forever to create this passive income.

But the good news is that you don’t have to fall into this trap! Watch carefully the above video and you will uncover the Holy Grail of how to overcome this fear of not being able to create this desired passive income from the Internet.

Let me talk you through those 4 cornerstones Anthony Robbins  refers to in his video:

Cornerstone 1: Potential you have to earn passive income

Basically, EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet has the potential to make money onlineBlog Commenting Is More Than Free Traffic. Read more ... » – full stop – end of discussion!

It’s in your head; your mindset that holds you back and let’s you believe that you won’t be able to create this passive income for yourself and your family.

It is a proven fact that there is more than 1 strategy, more than1 business modelKindle Book - Amazon - Published Author: A Dream Or Reality?. Read more ... », more than 1 way available to you right now that let’s you earn as much residual income (or passive income) as you want.

At the end of the day, all you have to do is choose! Choose a mentorSolo Ads Tips & Tricks. Read more ... » who can lead you to earn money online.

Cornerstone 2: Take Action to earn this passive income for yourself

As soon as you shifted your mindset and found a good mentor, you need to take action. I’m sure you heard this many times before – but bottom line is: it’s the simple truth.

Now you might wonder which action you should take… and the only answer I can give you right now is “if you still need to ask which action you should take, then you haven’t shifted your mindset enough”. As said before, if you truly believe you can make it, you will make it happen and create this passive income!

To take action means to learn; it means to ask questions; it means to try things out and see the results, analyze them, draw conclusions and then adjust your action plan. This in return means you take even more action.

Cornerstone 3: Your Results will show you how far you’ve come to enjoy a passive income

Only if you take action, you will create results. Though your first results might not (yet) create your passive income your crave for, but you will get 1 step closer. And that’s the attitude you need.

Now I’m absolutely sure that you do know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that you might have started this journey to create a passive income a while ago and you’ve so far failed. You tried it and concluded ‘this doesn’t work’ or you started to believe ‘they are all here to scam me’.

Such results are results you need on your journey! I say it again: if you have the right mindset, you will overcome those obstacles and try again, take action again and learn why something didn’t work before.

My experience taught me that it’s more difficult to make a passive income if you want to do it alone, when you decide not listen to the right people. So it took me longer to get where I am now.  Today, I have access to an entire group of like-minded people who share with my this journey to earn a living through internet marketing. They support me when I need it and in return, I contribute to their success.

We take action every day, we learn every day which methods let you create faster results and which ones take a little bit more time. But we create results daily.

Cornerstone 4: Reinforcing your Believe System that creating a Passive Income is possible

This is the final step in your basic learning curve: if you started out with the believe that you will be able to create your desired passive income, you take action – massive action. You create results on a daily basis and you adjust your future action plans, you become a part of a successful Internet MarketerI Love My Buy Now Button. Read more ... » Group who supports you. You share tools, effective methods to make money online and you share individual successes together.

All this reinforces your believe that you can create as much passive income from the Internet. It’s a wonderful positive cycle you are free to join at any time!

So what’s your believe telling you right now: can you do it?


Right: what’s your next step?

I don’t know – but you do!

Look – on my blog here you find many wonderful insights into how to run an online businessPlugin For Blog Post Calendar. Read more ... ». This is my specialty – I studied Business Administration and I do hold a Master’s Degree in Business Engineering. Yes, those titles should impress you because they are my key to my personal success story. Why? because I know the difference between effectiveness and efficiencySales Copy & 'Hook' - Video Shared by Ryan Lee. Read more ... ».

And why is this important? Because effectiveness teaches you to do the RIGHT THINGS while efficiency is all about doing the THINGS RIGHT.

One rule I follow on a daily basis is: Effectiveness comes before Efficiency.

This rule influenced my articles I publish here on my blog and it certainly influences my decisions regarding which products I sell and promote.

So I warmly invite you to browse through all the articles. You might want to start with some input into how to come up with a workable Business PlanHow To Price A Product. Read more ... ». Then, you might want to move on to choose your preferred Online Business Model and then…

…well – TAKE ACTION!


If however you wanted to enter into something truly spectacular, something really special and only available to a handful of very clever Internet Marketers, then contact me on Facebook, send a friend request or message me and I will share more details with you about how you could potentially create a VERY LUCRATIVE passive income in only a few weeks.

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So it’s all a question of what YOU believe YOU can do!


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